Jobs posted on ISS-Schrole, not on Search..

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Jobs posted on ISS-Schrole, not on Search..

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Okay, so I did read through some of the posts but I'm still not totally clear...

If a school is listed on both Search and ISS-Schrole, but they only list the jobs on ISS-Schrole, and I am signed up for both services... am I to apply through ISS-Schrole and let my Search recruiter person know I did apply through ISS-Schrole? Because the jobs just aren't listed on Search, so it seems that it wouldn't make sense to send an application through Search. (I'm also not sure about letting my Search recruiter person know, either.) And I'm not sure if they will be posting jobs on Search. Or how long should I wait to see if it will be posted on Search...? Should I ask the school if they are going to post on Search? Because some schools explicitly say to apply through ISS-Schrole, but this school says nothing about it on their Web site.


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Re: Jobs posted on ISS-Schrole, not on Search..

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Go through ISS-Schrole. As I said in the other post, having Search involved in the process in any way ends up being an extra cost for the school. If they're using both, the chances are pretty high that they would prefer the former unless it's explicitly stated otherwise.

Along with other schools that use both, we are starting to rely on Search as a secondary option when no suitable candidates come in through ISS-Schrole, or for positions that require casting a wider net (leadership in particular).

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Re: Jobs posted on ISS-Schrole, not on Search..

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I've only let Search know when I've been offered a job through someone else - as far as I'm concerned, if I don't see it on Search then they (Search) don't have any interest in that application and therefore I don't need to tell them about it.

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The rule is always follow the instructions in the vacancy posting, dont invent your own process. If they posted the vacancy through Schrole, apply through Schrole.

It is preferable and to your advantage to apply through channels that are not premium agencies, which particularly in this scenario means SA. You are a logistically more expensive hire going through SA than you are Schrole. This includes informing your SA associate, as SA can be highly draconian in their invoicing to the point that if an IS and a candidate are repped by SA even if SA provides nothing in the recruitment process it may likely still be seen and invoiced as a SA placement, requiring the IS to pay an placement fee to SA.

ISs often use multiple recruiting channels, but I wouldnt wait to see if they will be posting the position on SA.

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Re: Jobs posted on ISS-Schrole, not on Search..

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Basically, the school likes it quick and dirty.

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