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When I applied to MA for my superintendents credential and requested a notarized, hard copy they did indeed notarize it for me, but that was some years ago.
Yes, that stamp is what you need, it indicates the document is an original. Once they do that (indicate on your application for a hard copy that you require notarization or a sealed (stamped) document and then when they send it to you, you can then complete the application for an apostille and apply directly to the MA SOS.

Yes its $25/copy, its expensive but they have to maintain this entire antiquated printing apparatus and system to process the very, very, small number of hard copy production requests. As before, the one apostilled credential will become your working document from which you will make copies from and allow employers to site or make a copy of. If you need a notarized copy wherever you are, youll just have a local official create a certified copy wherever you are.

For MA @National is very close, the MA SOS requires an original document, that stamp is indication the document is an original.

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