PYP Job Offer

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PYP Job Offer

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I was offered a job at a school that has uses the PYP. I don't have any PYP experience, so it's great that they still considered me for the position. My concern is that, once I finish the contract and have two years of PYP experience, will I basically need to continue teaching in IB schools so that my experience remains current? And would only two years of PYP experience open a lot of doors for me in the future? I know that this job would look good on my CV, but I don't necessarily want to limit myself to teaching in IB international schools. Thank you in advance for your advice!
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Mostly, you basically can do anything for a year and not suffer any harm to your resume, but after that your skills in a subject decay, however your PYP experience as long as you can talk the talk will have utility. The decay is less if you change curriculum but stay in primary and more the further away you get from PYP.

In general your first year in PYP is a training year, you make a lot of mistakes, and its okay. Your second year is doing all the things you didnt do your first year, by the end of your second year you are considered a "practitioner". Some ISs have higher standards. They dont consider you a practitioner until you have taught multiple grade/year levels at least one lower primary and one upper primary, or until you've taught exhibition. Others dont consider you a practitioner until you have 5 years, etc.

Yes, IB experience is one of the single factors that generally influences an ITs marketability. Many of the second tier ISs are IB ISs and IB often bridges an ITs career path from third tier too first tier. IB also presents increased opportunity as a leadership pathway with an increase in the availability of various "coordinator" roles.

No, you wont be stuck in IB, as long as you can talk the talk of current meds/peds in whatever NC you were experienced in before.
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