Recruitment Season

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Recruitment Season

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Hi All

When is the prime time for recruitment for SE Asia and Europe? I almost landed a job but it fell through so am feeling anxious about everything as I really hope to get something. I have 13 years MYP/DP experience and am an IB examiner, so I feel I should have a good chance.


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Re: Recruitment Season

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Southeast Asis would be January to February. I've heard Europe is later, but don't know how much later.

From what I've seen from my colleagues and my own experience there are hard to fill jobs offered in October - November, but it gets pretty quiet in December as many folks go on holiday.

Don't lose heart and good luck.


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Re: Recruitment Season

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Prime time depends upon the position. The top tier schools in Asia are well into their hiring for hard to fill positions. Most of them will be done by early January, then often finish up at the Bangkok fairs. The 2nd tier schools are on a more traditional schedule, January and February.

Given the European labor laws, the European schools tend to be a bit later with the top ones trying to finish up in January, but they will also have openings later as their own teachers find jobs during the recruiting season.

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Peak recruiting is January to February (about 5 weeks). Elite tier ISs start in November with Early Recruiting, and will be done by the end of the BKK fair. Sinkers (bottom third Tier ISs) start around March. EU ISs generally start in late Spring, due to labor laws and union regulations.

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