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"Laid-back" attitudes and International Schools?

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 9:08 am
by Lastname_Z
I started thinking about this issue recently. In my experience (which I whole-heartedly admit is limited), every school that has had a positive reputation seems to overwork its teachers and is usually very organized/efficient, almost machine like. Lots of extra responsibilities are added on to teachers as well (in the form of meetings, reports to fill out, many emails to keep track of, etc.) in this environment.

I'm at the beginning of my IT (and teaching) career and I've traditionally enjoyed a more laid-back/relaxed structure in schools (based on my practicum and current school experience). I'm wondering if this is something I'll have to get over if I ever want to move up in my IT career (and I do). Or are there high-level (Tier 1?) schools that also have a laid-back approach and they don't micromanage their teachers or add unnecessary pressure?

I'm aware this could kind of be a tough question to answer because it depends on one's personal view of different schools and about teaching in general. However, I hope we can all be civil?

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