Jailed Teacher in Qatar!

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[quote = Wiseteach said] QA HAS TIES TO A PRESTIGIOUS US UNIVERSITY - TEXAS A&M[/quote]

I think Wiseteach is on to something here. We should bombard the Texas A&M provost with emails telling them to sever all ties with QA. That would be a good first move and would probably be therapeutic. This is bringing up memories of student behavior in Kuwait and pissing me off.

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I'm just curious.What about the student who complained? If the administration knew about the students behavioural problems. Should this be addressed at the beginning? Also, what's the age of the student?

My prayers for his early release in jail.

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The students who made the complaint will be playing on the beach with no cares about what they have done to the poor teacher.

The teacher had told the students off 2 days before, the students then approached him when he was in the lunch que. They patted him on the head and put their fingers up his nose, they were making monkey noises. The teacher then made a comment that linked Muslims to Terrorists. He says that it was a comment about steriotyping and Racism.

We can all make guesses about what we think the teacher said and about what the children heard.

After a perental complaint that evening, the western management sacked the teacher before he came to work the next day. The police arrested the teacher and he has been in prison ever since.

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There's a Facebook page and an online petition with over 8000 supporters. They need 1700 signatures more before they can put it forwards to the government of Qatar


https://www.change.org/petitions/govern ... rje-gurung

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There's the e-mail for Texas A&M provost.

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Hope shines eternal.....keep the pressure on.

http://dohanews.co/post/50082452994/int ... se-teacher

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comprehensive information including press, facts, updates, and draft petition letters can be found here for those interested:

http://freedorje.tumblr.com/post/501438 ... sat-11-may

as of saturday, may 11, 9am central US time, the petition needs 744 more signatures.

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The worst has yet to come

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Just wait till 2018 and the football World Cup. If England qualify - and that's a mighty big if - you will see an invasion of 10,000+ of the least culturally sensitive humans on the planet all wanting to sink their beer quota by lunchtime and then go fighting the Dutch or the Germans.
Seriously, if I were trying to revoke this decision, I would be waving the World Cup flag as hard as I could. It's already clear that it was bribery and corruption that took the football there in the first place; the last thing the Qatari Govt want is this kind of scandal to frighten off the supporters.

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[b]A current student of his sums up what has lead to this situation:[/b]


Mr. Gurung taught me IB chemistry in Qatar Academy. It was his first year in Qatar Academy at the time, before him we had a very lenient teacher, who didn't care about our attendance, or our performance, the class was getting good grades without really earning them. When Mr. Gurung took charge of my class, all of that changed. He was strict, and for that reason i didn't like him nor did my classmates. To be honest, i gave Mr. gurung every reason to hate me, i cheated in a test, i skipped his class, i showed no interest in chemistry what so ever and made that clear to him, I even blamed him for my failure. While i deserved his hate, i received nothing but love and support. He helped me as much as a teacher could possibly help a student. My classmate’s where getting bad grades, and retaliated by disrespecting Mr. gurung, they mocked him, they laughed at him, yet he remained calm, he never once insulted any one of us or showed any hate. After all i put Mr. Gurung through; he was there after our final exams just to check on how we did! He is truly one of the kindest teachers i know. I never thought I would defend a teacher, who failed me, but I know for a fact Mr. Gurung could never have insulted these boys, we pushed him to the edge, and all we ever got in return was kindness. I wish I was a better student to him, and I hope signing this petition is the first step of apologizing to a great man that I have wronged.

[b]This is Dorje in his own words:[/b]

I am a Tibetan-Buddhist Science teacher with a Jesuit education in a Hindu country (Nepal), an international education in a catholic country (Italy), a liberal arts education in the bastion of freedom and democracy (the US), with teacher-training down under (Australia), but whose choice of musical instrument is Australian (the Didjeridoo), choice of sports is American (Ultimate Frisbee), choice of dance genre is Latin American (Merengue and Salsa), and yet, still, has faith in the permanence and power of change!

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Just signed the petition - whoever organized it, well-done. I actually met Dorje Gurung at the Bangkok job fair this past January. I was just about to leave on the last day and I spoke to him for a while - nice guy, very intelligent. He said that recruiters were hesitant to hire him because of his nationality. Anyway, please do sign the petition - also, is it possible to make this thread a sticky? Don't want it to disappear.

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Done.i hope and pray that this situation is done the speediest possible. Keep safe people.

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This is from his blog......

This is SO wrong on so many levels!

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Just heard a rumor he has been released.

Shame on QA for all this!! Admin at this school should be ashamed!!

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Wonderful news!

Can anyone in the know tell us who the director and principals are at QA? I'd never work in Qatar anyway, but want to make sure I avoid the people who enabled this to happen should they move on in the future. I suspect I'm not alone...

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